Meet Daria Burlińska!

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    Daria BurlińskaFounder and Lead Designer of Warsaw based Industrial Design Consultancy DBWT.PL

    designer Daria Burlińska from DBWT.PL Studio

    Daria Burlińska graduated in 2007 at Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan, Poland – Faculty of Architecture and Design.

    Her diploma work took shape under supervision of proffesor Aleksander Kuczma (3rd Furniture Workshop), well respected person at the Polish design scene.

    In 2008 Daria established DBWT.PL Design Collective, efficiently providing design services accompanied by her partner, graphic designer Wojtek Traczyk.

    Between 2008 and 2020, DBWT.PL also ran manufacture, releasing our own light design items for the hungry market of design aficionados.


    At DBWT.PL, Daria works on furniture, light and customer goods design. Besides, we serve educational consultancies, leading workshops and talks, covering area of design management and various creative fields. Our staff is cooperating with Poznan International Fair on Top Design Award, which is a part of Arena Design annual industry event.


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